Update: Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia PA

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia - Exterior

Facing the complexity of a large campus with several locations within Center City, Philadelphia, as well as outlying areas Thomas Jefferson struggled with creating processes necessary to create continuity and efficiency with their sustainability efforts. Thomas Jefferson partnered with Antos Environmental to create a unique Sustainability initiative for Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals.

Thomas Jefferson partnered with Antos whose specialty is creating sustainable cultural changes around environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance. Thomas Jefferson has become one branded system and has a prestige in and around the Philadelphia area. They are excited about their five year partnership with Antos Environmental and are looking forward to improved processes for handling their waste material and a new way of thinking and operating as it pertains to their impact on the environment.

Currently, Thomas Jefferson's recycled waste stream is less than 10% percent. The goal is to double that over the course of five years.

Additional goals include:

  • Better recycling of regulated medical waste – reduce to 10 percent, now at 35 percent
  • Reduce red bag waste by 10 percent
  • Improve purchasing with products – creating five percent less waste
  • Create a composting program with the cafeteria, where food and organic waste is made into dirt
  • Replace trash bins with recycle bins at each person's desk. Food bins will be placed in common office areas



"Reducing our carbon footprint is an ongoing effort, our Sustainability program is comprehensively creating larger sustainability strategies, including evaluating our energy management. There is a lot of enthusiasm here at Thomas Jefferson because being green is something we believe in. We are at the forefront of a movement to cut down tons of waste every day. With each employee's support, we can make that happen."

Bob Burkholder, Vice President, Supply Chain Management, TJUH, and Chair of Thomas Jefferson's Sustainability program.

April 30th, 2017